Sleek Chocolate Wax 600-g


  • Chocolate wax specially formulated for tan removal
  • Removes hair from the roots hence giving more lasting results
  • Specially prepared to use with disposable strips
  • The unique formulation efficiently removes hair and keeps the skin soft, smooth
  • Water soluble formula for instant hair removal

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Sleek Chocolate Wax is specially formulated to remove tan from the skin giving you hair-free, radiant and glowing skin. The delicious aroma of chocolate will make you enjoy every moment of your waxing session. This water-soluble wax undergoes a specialized process to create a wax which provides superior gripping strength that is gentle to the skin. A safe and sure method to remove unwanted hair on the body, Sleek Cold Chocolate Wax is specially prepared to use with disposable strips. The wax removes unwanted hair painlessly from the root in minutes. It requires no special lotion to cleanse the skin before or after waxing. Washes off with plain water. Extremely economical and safe for all types of skin. It leaves skin soft and silky with no wax residue.


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